The workshops I run are called ”Real Voice” and are aimed to solve problems related to vocal expression in order to reveal the beauty of the voice in all its potential.

To do that, the course will be divided in two phases: in the first one, useful anatomical and physiological knowledge will be given to the students in order for them to have a clear idea of the larynx, its parts and its functionality.
In the second phase, useful exercises will be given to the students with the intent to understand how to use the different parts of the larynx and produce different sounds.

The exercise will be easy and focused on releasing the tensions that could compromise the emission of the sound.

This self-perception will allow a better performance, which will also be achieved by the use of stress-releasing techniques.

The numerous colours of a voice free from tensions will allow the students to choose how to interpret the song best, according to their musical identity.

Your authentic vocal identity will finally be revealed and it will be free from tensions and enriched by this new, unique and fulfilling experience.

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