Vocal coach


I love teaching and it always surprises me how the voice can change over the course of time, becoming what every student wishes it to become.

In my experience, my voice has gone through many changes and it has known different technical approaches, often used together, because we all have our own peculiarities and difficulties that require customised solutions.

What I observed and realised in my teaching experience is that the majority of the problems related to vocal emission are often caused by tensions which most of the times are unaware by the person.
That is why I focus my lessons on how to release the organs involved in the vocal emission from this tensions.

The aim is to get a sound which is free from tensions and therefore confident, because when our voice is tensed we can see only the potential of its beauty and its colours.

The emotions we want to deliver when we sing or act need a strong, flexible, and reliable instrument.

Gradually releasing the tensions, the students will explore and find their own unique voice, the one that corresponds to their musical identity.

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