Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are tailor-made for each student, according to his/her needs.

I run long-term classes and also individual lessons focused on a particular and specific aspect that the student might want to develop (such as preparing for an audition).
The aim of every lesson is to give the student the necessary tools in order for him/her to face the performance in a relaxed, easy-going and pleasant way. Considerable attention is given to the way the student delivers and expresses the emotions connected to the performance.
Moreover, the lessons will focus on the technical aspects of singing, paying attention particularly on how to loosen up tensions, identify the anchoring head-neck-back, develop breath control and handle sub-glottal pressure.
Therefore, individual lessons will give the students a good technical knowledge and awareness of their instrument.

In the long-term classes there will be time to approach different styles (Soul, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Musical, etc.) paying attention to the way the songs are interpreted. This will give the student the opportunity to learn how to adapt their instrument according to the genre and also to explore and shape their own musical identity.
During the targeted lessons we will instead focus on a few songs that the students will choose in order to optimise the performance and develop the technical aspect of it and the stage presence.

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