How I began

My most significant experiences – who I am today

I am a singer, songwriter, composer and vocal coach.
I have always loved music and I started singing when I was in primary school, developing even more of a keen interest in music during my teenage years .
While growing up, I decided to increase and broaden my musical knowledge at a more professional level. In 1992 I enrolled on a singing course at Saint Louis Music Academy in Rome. Here I met Fabrizia Barresi: jazz singer and talented singing teacher, who became my musical mentor.
During my studies with her, I was able to improve my singing and teaching skills.
In 1995 I won a scholarship to attend a one-year course for singers and performers at C.E.T. (European Centre Of Toscolano, founded by famous Italian lyricist Mogol). Here I had the chance to meet and learn from the most talented artists of the Italian music scene, such as Ornella Vanoni, Mario Lavezzi, Oscar Prudente and Mogol himself.
In 1997 I had one of the best experiences of my musical career: I was selected by Mogol to be part of a vocal group (Genius Group) together with the best students of C.E.T. . With them I went on a national tour and stood by famous Italian artists like Mango, Marco Masini, Ron, Tosca, Gino Paoli, Umberto Tozzi, Edoardo Bennato, Francesco Baccini, Mario Lavezzi and many others.
With Genius Group I also made my first appearances on National Television performing for TV Shows like Help (TMC2), Ci Vediamo in TV (RAI2), Stream, etc. I also sang several songs which were included in the collection MOGOL – Musica e Poesia published by Hobby&Work.
My music career took a different direction when I started working as a resident Vocalist at the Alibi (one of the most famous dance clubs in Rome), in 2001. Thanks to this experience, I was able to discover new aspects of my voice and it opened the door to new collaborations with italian dance labels: In 2002 I worked as a session singer for Hit Mania by label UNIVERSO and I composed and sang several songs under the name of Glitter in collaboration with Andrea T. Mendoza, Airplane team DJ, which were published by Airplane Label.
In 2005 I attended the one-year course for professionals ”Recitare Cantando” (Acting while Singing), led by actor and film director Pino Quartullo. Here I had the chance to study stage technique with dancer and choreographer Stefano Taiuti, soul and rhythmic interpretation with singer Joy Garrison, drama with Pino Quartullo, speech therapy and voice anatomic physiology with logopedist Maria Ramirez, Musical interpretation with singer Tosca.
While studying music, I also gained a Bachelor Degree in Community Education at the University of Rome 3.
This course, which was mostly focused on pedagogy and psychology, gave me useful tools to improve my teaching skills and taught me how to approach the students and deal with their fears and worries.
In 2003, led by my interest in alternative healing practices I attended a level I and II Diploma in Emotional Kinesiology (a stress-releasing technique founded in Burbank, California).


I am currently co-writing and performing theme songs for radios and TV. One of my most significant works is the theme song for the cartoon ”Taco e Paco” (RAI3, La Melevisione) which I sang as lead singer and co-wrote with Francesco Morettini (arranger and composer for several signed artists in Italy).
I also have my personal music project and recently I shared online the music videos of two of my originals: Santa and Cotton Candy Me.
I also teach vocal technique using the different methods I had the opportunity to explore during my singing career, such as SPEECH LEVEL technique and the ESTILL VOICRAFT method.